Strategy Session

With Jacqueline Snyder
Founder & Creative Director

What Would It Be Like If You Could fast-track Your Business?

What if you could get done in a few months what would take another couple years to accomplish? What would it feel like to know you had someone to support you through launching your business?

It's Time to Invest In yourself and Your Business

Strategy Session (60-minutes)-Spots are limited
*Price is for First Time clients only

The Strategy Session Plan


I will personally send you a pre-call worksheet to fill out to understand where you stand right now, what kind of struggles you’re facing and what you need or want to accomplish. You may want to send images or actual samples for my review. We’ll get clear on your goals and needs so that we can go into our strategy session with laser focus.


We’ll meet via zoom (video conference call) for Coaching. We cover a ton of information so I will record and share the audio so you can listen to it as needed. Generally, we cover one large topic or training/overview or tackle 2-3 specific topics.


I’m not going to throw a ton of information your way and just leave you to make sense of it. Reach out and I will be there for you! You will have access to me via email for 2 weeks (weekdays only) after our call.


Based on the topic or topics we are discussing in our Strategy session I will support you by sharing a specific template, tool, or resource to get you on the right track.

Encourage you to build your dream with the right foundation under it

You Can transform your business in just one hour

Strategy Session (60-minutes)-Spots are limited
*Price is for First Time clients only

Why have me coach you?

I won't give you one or two but five reasons!

Jacqueline is great at finding solutions to the many hiccups which can arise when one is launching a line. I’m very glad to have had her guidance throughout it all and would definitely recommend her to anyone venturing into launching their own line.

-Estrella Cristina

The Designer Consulting Co-op has been extremely useful in many different ways, including helping to find fabrics, sample making and providing a wealth of information about the fashion industry. I highly recommend their services for anybody looking to start a line or revamping an existing one.

-Helga Douglass
Owner and Designer of Svala Lingerie

What If we could make launching clothing line easy and stress free

Sounds like a dream right?

It's Time to Invest In yourself and Your Business

Strategy Session (60-minutes)- Spots are limited
*Price is for First Time clients only

Hey there!
I'm Jacqueline Snyder

I teach fashion business entrepreneurs how to take the right action steps for designing, launching, and building a highly successful fashion apparel brand.

Designer Consulting Co-Op is a one stop shop for all designers. They are able to facilitate all my needs and requirements no matter what the time limit is.

-Jaycia Gayle

A Strategy Session

Perfect for you if:

  • You’re an entrepreneur or small business looking for advice and strategy to implement in your business.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and wish there was an easier way to figure out just how to launch or scale your small business to the next level.
  • You don’t want to spend money on costly mistakes and lose time because of it.
  • You’re done trying to figure out everything on your own.
  • You’re ready to grow your business fast with action plans and resources.


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