Fashion Industry Terms: The Ultimate Guide

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Hundreds of clients have hired me to “teach” them about the fashion industry.  One of the things I hear the most from them is that they don’t know what to ask for or how to ask for it.  I never want my fashion consulting client’s to feel insecure as they start and grow in the fashion industry so I made them this ultimate guide to fashion industry terms.

And to make it easier for you, you can grab the exact guide I give my clients in a beautiful pdf download to print off.  👇🏼👇🏼


Grab this free download of essential fashion industry terms. That way the next time someone asks you about your “yield”, you don’t think it is a traffic term!

Using Fashion Industry Terms Like a Pro (or at least sound like one)

So you can feel confident growing your clothing line.

cad drawing


Two-dimensional sketches or designs created using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. Technically drawn flats.

color forecasting


Predictions on future color tones that will be popular/trendy in the upcoming fashion industry. Influenced by social and global environments, current events, etc.

concept boards


A visual presentation that exhibits a specific concept or theme for a designer’s fashion line/collection. This may be a collection of photographs, colors or fabrics swatches that represent the target customer and/

or season.


/kuh n-suhlt-ing/

To provide expertise and professional advice to clients who require a particular type of knowledge or service. Providing a pool of talent that can be quickly mobilized as required.

cost sheets


A document that includes all costing transactions such as manufacturing production, costs for materials/trims purchased, a sketch of garment, fabric, fabric yields, labor, and shipping. It is used to determine wholesale and retail prices.



Utilizing our designers who have held design positions at major fashion brands, you can have your line designed, created or revamped by our highly experienced team.



Perfected samples cut in real fabric and trims used for sales and PR.


/il-uh-strey-shuh ns/

Hand or computer-generated drawings that represent the garment on a figure typically used to present designs.



The process of using the final production pattern in the sample size to grade to the various other sizes that will be available for each style.



Positioning the pattern pieces on the fabric in the most efficient way possible so when you cut for production very little fabric is wasted. Acts as a guide for the cutter.



A template made of paper, either by hand or computer-generated, used as a guideline to cut fabric for garment construction.


/sam-puh ls/

The creation of a garment in the fabric used to establish fit, construction and details needed for development.


/pree-pruh-duhk-shuh n/

The stage in product development where approved samples are ready to be made for market and Sales Reps. This stage is the step before production which includes marking, grading, ordering fabric & trims, etc.

/pruh-duhk-shuh n/

The process of manufacturing production quality garments for stores. The DCC specializes in domestic production and can handle production of 6 to 6,000 garments.


/ri-fur-uh ls/

The act of recommending a service or organization to a client to aid them in the product development process. It can be associated with sourcing. The DCC generally has an established and professional relationship with all of our referrals. Referrals include screen printers, embroiderers and many other contractors and vendors in the industry.



Purchasing materials (ie: fabrics and trims) or resources from an outside supplier/company. The DCC sources in Los Angeles amongst local vendors, in New York at Premiere Vision and in Las Vegas at Magic. The DCC also sources from a pool of hundreds of vendors from around the world who have low minimums for such materials as trims and custom fabrics.  Here is a freebie for Questions to Ask While Sourcing.

sew instructions

/soh’in-struhk-shuh ns/

Part of the technical package that includes instructions for stitching, machine finishes and what to sew first.

technical design

/tek-ni-kuh l’dih-zahyn/

“Blueprints” for a garment used by pattern makers and sewers including technical specifications such

as measurements.

social networking

/soh-shuh l’net-wur-king/

Communicate a company’s visual identity and brand into an engaging online experience. (ie: blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc).



Refreshing an established brand to achieve specific goals.

trend forecasting


Predicting fashion trends based on-trend services for upcoming seasons. It can include color tones, silhouettes, and prints.



How much fabric one garment takes to make. This step is necessary for costing.

brand development

/brand’dih-vel-uh p-muh nt/

Translating your company’s big idea into an identity that you would like to share with your consumers and the general public. This includes logos, fonts, images, and colors that will contribute to the visual system that represents your brand.

email blasts


A virtual mailer sent to a specific audience (ie: buyers, customers, showrooms, etc) to inform, educate and generate awareness of a brand and its products.

*Showroom requirement


/kuh n-suhl-ting/

To provide expertise and professional advice to clients who require a particular type of knowledge or service. Providing a pool of talent that can be quickly mobilized as required.

hang tags/ labels

/hang’tag-s/ley-buh ls/

A branded label that is present on all garments and represents a company cohesively and consistently.

*Showroom requirement

line sheets

/lahyn’ sheets/

A branded catalog of all styles available in a line used to market the collection to retail buyers. Includes wholesale pricing, style numbers, fabrications, color options, etc. *Showroom requirement


/loo k’ boo ks/

Creative and stylistic representation of a line, often developed on a seasonal basis, used to market a collection or specific campaign to retail buyers and consumers.

*Showroom requirement

marketing campaigns


Reinforcing a company’s brand message and showcasing products via creative and conceptual mediums (ie: web, print, etc).



Preparing products to enter a retail environment, carefully considering all facets of design and messaging that span far beyond the point of sale.

showroom support


Provide expertise on necessary steps, materials, and knowledge needed to successfully approach or sustain

a showroom.



The branded virtual environment used to interface with consumers on a global scale. Communicates all facets of a company.

*Showroom requirement




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