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Knit Fabrics are generally created by joining yarns together by a series of loops. Often times knits stretch by adding the fiber spandex to it. Examples of knit fabrics being used are in everyday t-shirts. Examples of knits are cotton knits, modal, lycra, and many others. Knit fabric is different than “knitted” garments like that sweater grandma made you!
The DCC Blackbook is your ultimate resource in the fashion industry.
What makes the Designer Consulting Co-Op Blackbook such an exclusive asset to you as a fashion professional?
Sourcing vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers can be a very time consuming process. It is a trial-and-error process of making sure the needs of your business are being met.
Every vendor and professional within this DCC Blackbook has been hand chosen to participate in this publication by fulfilling criteria we deem beneficial for start-ups as well as existing businesses. It is our goal to not only assist you in your search for sourcing vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers, but to provide you with the right resources for your business – such as:
• Low minimums for fabric orders (i.e. 20-100 yards) and sample yardage (5 – 20 yards) This is crucial for new businesses, especially when you’re in the development stages of creating your new line.
• Domestic Resources – vendors, suppliers and manufacturers that are located in the United States
• International Resources – vendors, suppliers and manufacturers that do not participate in domestic textile shows. Access to a wider reach of vendors
• A professional relationship with the Designer Consulting Co-Op – It’s always nice to have friends in the fashion industry.
Our Consultants have compiled these resources; each business listed has been tried and true by the DCC, making it easier to identify credible suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers. We hope that you will find the DCC Blackbook a useful tool for your fashion/product development endeavors.
*Note that this Blackbook does not contain certain types of vendors such as: sewers, patternmakers, cutters or other contractors of that nature. If you do need help with these items, please contact the DCC as we would love to see how we can help!

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