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Art Walk Downtown LA

Art Walk Downtown LA

If you are board during this recession and are looking for things to do with no cash, come down to The Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk. We attended the August walk last week and it was a great experience. Local buildings turn their downstairs lofts and retail space into places for local stores and artists to present their work. It is the 2nd Thursday of every month located in the Historic Core’s Gallery Row neighborhood. The next walk is Thursday September 10. http://downtownartwalk.com/

There were booths from artwork, clothing, accessories, and food. C & C was there selling some of their overstock of tank tops, tees, and long sleeved shirts. Some places were selling their vintage apparel. A booth that was selling hand made headbands with feathers collaborated with the artist next to her where he used one of her headbands to make a 3 dimensional art piece that could be hung on your wall. Others were selling amazing photography and artwork. Freshly Baked was there selling delicious cookies of many flavors including Monkey Nut Blast, The Foamy Homey, and Nutty Bavarian Love Biscuit www.freshly-baked.com.

There is a local store in the middle of the art walk that everyone must visit! It is called Pussy and Pooch, which is a store for you dogs and cats. Even if you don’t own an animal, you must experience this. They have everything from food, treats, accessories, clothing, and grooming.You can also find beer for your dogs, have catered parties, and they even have a Pawbar where you can bring your companion in to eat and drink!! The menu includes meat, stew, soup, organic prepared meals, and treats!! www.pussyandpooch.com


Our favorite was our friend Justin Kizzart www.kniceclothing.com (coming soon) who is starting his line, which he presented at the art walk. He has been cycling for 4 years and wanted to enhance the style for the cycling coulter how you can find style for the skateboarding coulter. He is very passionate about cycling. He owns his own vehicle but he likes to bike everywhere. You can find some silk-screened t-shirts in an array of color from black to hunter green. All images are hand drawn which include bicycle images and various other art. His favorite shirt was inspired from an old image he found in a library so he had a lot of fun coming up with the idea. It is a yellow tee with two “voluptuous” women on old bicycles and it reads “Big girls needs bikes too.” He has also designed a silk-screened padding with neon velcro that adds character to your bicycle called “Tube Top Covers.” You can pick from vintage plaids to checkered board images. He even has a cute white one with a pink floral design for girls. Or even you guys if you like pink!! They are awesome! Most of the fabrics he used are vintage Italian fabrics that still had the original price tags on the rolls when he bought them. You can also contact Justin if you need anything done with silk-screen.

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